As I said a couple of weeks ago, my new fantasy novel Goddess-Born, part of the four-book Tale of Two Worlds, is almost ready for publication. I’ll post links for purchase of the book here when it goes live, which should be in the first week of December, but what I want to do now is to offer a free copy to anyone who is willing to write a review. An honest review, that is. This isn’t, “I’ll send you a free copy if you promise to write a 5-star review full of praise.” It’s “I’ll send you a free copy if you promise to write a review that actually tells prospective readers about it, what you liked and disliked, and whether they should buy the book themselves.” That will benefit me, as well as readers, best.

If you would like to do this, please email me at briandrush@gmail.com and I’ll put you on a list to send a coupon for a free copy in a couple of weeks when the book is published and available for purchase. It will be in e-book formats only but should be available in all of those. Here’s a synopsis of the book to help people decide if they would like to take me up on this offer.

Sonia is the child of a goddess and a god. The world where she lives heaves with revolution and is threatened by a sorceress who wants to bring it to ruin. The revolution that toppled the monarchy has been seized by a tyrant mage, the lover and protégé of the sorceress, and Sonia must stand against them and restore the people’s chance at liberty.

Sonia’s divine mother fostered her with a merchant’s wife, and so she grew up as the offspring of a wealthy couple in the Kingdom of Grandlock, believing they were her real parents. But as the goddess had asked when she gave her to Emily Sandburr to raise, on Sonia’s fifteenth birthday, her foster mother told her of her true heritage: she is the daughter of the goddess Illowan, Lady of Light and of the god Malatant, Lord of Shadow.

From that day on, Sonia became a devotee of both her divine parents, even though she has never met them and they reside in the other world, the world of Faerie that can only be accessed by the magical Green Stone Tower and its endless stair.

Although mortal as the gods’ children always are, Sonia is a talented sorceress and must confront the destiny her divine mother foresaw for her. A renegade priestess of Malatant has come from the world of Faerie, a warped and evil woman who lives to bring chaos and ruin. She has gathered a secret following called the People of the Shadow, among them Edwin, a talented sorcerer who aims to overthrow the kingdom. For the Kingdom of Grandlock suffers under the oppressive and obsolete rule of its noble class. The slumbering wrath of the common people is waking up and the country heaves with revolt. Revolution is in the air, but the cruel priestess Gilusa and the sorcerer who follows her twist the course of the revolt to impose a monstrous tyranny. Taking over the palace and the government in the people’s name, Edwin sends an endless line of victims – nobles at first, but ultimately anyone who threatens his power or that of his priestess – to the torture chambers and the gallows. There is no one who can hope to stop them except Sonia. She must face the tyrant sorcerer who rules Grandlock and ultimately confront Gilusa herself, accompanied by only three companions.

One of these is her lover Malcolm, who is also of divine parentage, being the son of the Lord of Art and of the Mother of Life. Another is General Tranis, a dark faerie warrior from the other world who has fallen victim to Gilusa’s spells; he has broken free for the moment, but will Gilusa be able to regain control over his mind and will? The third is the young Queen Luisa, Grandlock’s last monarch, deposed by Edwin, who seeks vengeance for the brutal slaying of her parents. The four of them stand alone against the stolen might of a nation and the incomparable sorcery of Gilusa.

Magic has warped the nation’s course and bound the people into tyranny, and Sonia’s magic must set it straight before the people can rule themselves. A priestess of Malatant has betrayed her god’s trust, and Malatant’s daughter must put matters right for her father’s sake as well as her own, while she finds the balance between Light and Shadow within her own nature. Nor will the gods help her, neither her own parents nor Malcolm’s, for in their ruthless wisdom and foresight the gods leave men and women to solve their own problems and in that way to grow or die – even when the mortals are their own beloved children.

Again, if you would be willing to write a review of Goddess-Born in exchange for a free copy, please email me at briandrush@gmail.com and I’ll put you on a list to receive a coupon for your free copy.

Another article on spirituality and fantasy storytelling will appear here tomorrow.


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