Book Release: The Ingathering (Refuge Volume Two)

the ingatheringRefuge Volume Two: The Ingathering is now available from Amazon and Smashwords and will be available at many other outlets shortly. You can preview the book by scrolling down a bit.

Here’s the book description from the vendor sites:

Claire’s magic is so powerful it makes her mentally ill. Suffering symptoms of bipolar disorder caused by her undeveloped talent, she escapes a Droon murder squad and reluctantly seeks training from the Andol. But the enemy follows and launches a plot to destroy the Andol stronghold and kill everyone in it, including Claire.

Meanwhile, the war between the Droon and the Andol is heating up, as the Andol seek human allies with magical talent, while the Droon hunt human magicians down and kill them. It’s a race between the Andol rescue operations and the Droon murder squads. Who will win the race? Can Claire recover her sanity and develop her powers in time to save herself, her friends, and the Andol from certain death?

From now until the end of November, I’m also dropping the price of Refuge Volume One: The Order Master to 99 cents. It’s also available at Amazon and Smashwords, and the reduced price should be effective at other vendors within one to two weeks.

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