Hymn to the Dragon Spirit

This mountain top is bare and cold, empty of life, save me
And you in me, my hard and pitiless friend, my savage fire.
Far below, the oblivious ones scamper through their fates,
Fireflies blinking on and off, alive, dead, alive,
And I among them, even as I stand atop this peak,
Equally pointless, equally blind, but for you in me.

You dazzled me that first night, when from the spirit smoke
You came in answer to the call my heart gave to the wind,
All night-blue scales, sinuous flesh, dancing sparks of fire,
Great moon-deep eyes that held my gaze and gave me promises
Of wisdom, secrets, mysteries, dreams, borne upon your wings,
Promises you’ve kept, with splendid ruthlessness and joy.

We think we want to know, but we do not. The truth is hard,
The heart is soft, and would be gently wrapped in foam of lies.
Soft love lies so. Your love is hard as diamond, sharp as fangs,
Furnace-hot with dragon-fire that banishes the mist
And leaves my soul no hiding place, no refuge from the truth.
Oh, aye! You brought me wisdom! Without pity or remorse.

But oh, to soar upon those wings into the sky,
My spirit merged with yours, to take my leave of gravity
And float from star to star upon the wind-ways of the mind!
To see the ages spread before me, eyes so full of fire
That naught can hide from me, to see in color in the night
When mortal eyes see only black and white, if see they do!

To breathe the Dragon-fire – yes, breathe it out, oh! That indeed,
But more to breathe it in, to sear away my mortal flesh
And mortal self, incinerating this-is-this and that-
Is-that, until all boundaries are gone, and all is One –
Is None – is once again the primal ab initio
Where hides that Peace we seek, but dare not venture where it is!

These are the gifts you give to me, the gifts you promised me
Those years ago, when in my dazzled youth I called to you
And loved your dreadful beauty and the magic in your eyes.
And though I understand the price now, yet I love you still,
For this is Dragon wisdom: price and purchased good are one,
And it’s the paying that’s the gift, and it’s the gift that pays.


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