A crystal, split in two, sings harmony each half with each.
A note upon the one, by silver hammer fairy-struck,
Evokes the chord its sundered twin sings, too
And both sweet mineral voices lift in tune
In one place, their distance charmed to none.
Are we a pair of stones? What chisel split us, then,
That sundered not just miles but also years,
And made you part of me before you were?

A dolphin’s water song is more than sound.
It reaches soulwise half around the world
To kiss the ears and heart of her lost twin
Who answers with a cry of painful joy,
Recognizing one he never knew, and always.
What voice, more heart than throat, has borne me up
And made me see the light again, who plumbed
The melancholy comfort of the sea’s dark vault?

A particle once sundered from its mate
By subatomic edicts of divorce
Thumbs its nose at Albert and ignores
The distances between them, always knowing
The dance-steps faster than the speed of light.
Is this the link we share, a gluon of the soul
Binding the heart’s nucleus together
In defiance of the atomizing force
Of space and time
Through music and rhyme
Weaving song and poem in a 4D tapestry
Binding then and later into now?



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