About This Blog: Thoughts on Fantasy, Storytelling and Spirituality

This is a blog on what the title above says. They’re related subjects and ones I’m especially interested in.

My name is Brian Rush. I’m a fantasy writer and have been since I was 15 years old, and that was quite a while back. It’s a compulsive thing in my life. I must write; if I don’t, I become depressed. Recently, I’ve finished four fantasy novels that I thought good enough to publish; pages for each one will be added at some point (this site is a work in progress).

What I want to do here is explore the connection between fantasy storytelling and myth, and by way of myth with spirituality. A myth is a story that relates to spirituality by way of metaphor. Myths usually aren’t literally true; even when they are, their literal truth isn’t what’s important about them. The story they tell stirs something in our depths, and helps us to connect on an emotional, intuitive, and ultimately a spiritual level with something greater than ourselves. Since there is no reason why a myth has to be literally true, or pretend to be, an author of fantasy fiction is in a perfect position to express this mythical truth, if he or she is aware of that truth to start with.

Other things about me, if anyone’s interested: I live in California at the moment but find my heart drawn to an island in the Mediterranean where I intend to pay a long visit as soon as that is feasible and perhaps move there permanently. I’ve lived on the American West Coast since 1978, when I migrated to Seattle as a refugee from Texas. I have lived in Northern California since 1996. I make my living presently by writing, editing, and ghostwriting on a freelance contract basis. My long-term ambition, of course, is to live by telling tales. (You can find links to explore my books on other pages of this blog here and here, and of course I’d be delighted if you did!)

Other things will come out in the course of writing the posts of this blog. Thanks for visiting.

2 responses to “About This Blog: Thoughts on Fantasy, Storytelling and Spirituality

  1. Mr. Rush, You have one awsome blog! I also have a passion for myth and metaphor and anything I can learn from Joseph Campbell, Jung, etc. I believe that fantasy and spirituality go hand in hand and, if one takes the time to read between the lines, they will find the connection to human experiences.

  2. Glad to find your blog. I spend a lot of time pondering the nature of our connection to universal myths these days. They tell us so much about ourselves. Also, I have a dragon obsessed five year old…. Look forward to reading more.

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