How to Get Your Book Reviewed Here

I would be happy to consider any independently published fantasy, science fiction, or horror e-books for review. Please look over the following policies in regard to reviews.

  1. I will ONLY review independently-published books in the above three genres, that have been published in e-book format. “Independently-published” means either self-published or published through a very small press (I’ll be the judge of what “very small” means; anything put out by the Big 6 is obviously excluded from this term but there may be others that are, too). Why indie only? Because I want to encourage indie publishing. Why only those genres? Because those are the ones I feel best-qualified to review and I don’t want to mess up your killer romance novel with a review by someone who wouldn’t know good romance from bad. Why only e-books? Because it’s easier and that’s the wave of the future anyway. If you’re also published in print that’s great, but I’ll review only e-copies.
  2. Please send your request to
    1. Do not attach a copy of your book. Or anything else, please.
    2. Do, however, include links where I can look over your book description and sample portion. I would prefer the link be to either Amazon or Smashwords, but Barnes & Noble is acceptable, too.
    3. Put the words REVIEW REQUEST (all caps, so I will notice even if I haven’t had my morning coffee yet) in the subject line of your email.
    4. Do NOT offer payment. (Don’t offer payment to anyone else for a review, either. If they ask for one, tell them where to head in. That’s tacky and there’s no excuse for it.)
  3. I won’t review (or edit) works in progress. Only published e-books. I’ll consider any length, but would prefer full-length novels (50,000 words and up).
  4. If I decide to review your book, I’ll send you an email requesting a full copy or (my preference) a Smashwords coupon.
  5. Reviews will be honest. However, I won’t accept for review anything I don’t expect to give at least three stars. If you get worse than that, it’s because the full book seriously disappointed compared to the sample and description.
  6. Reviews will be posted here as blog posts, and also on Amazon and Smashwords.

I don’t promise to review your book. I can’t promise to let you know if your book is not selected, although I’ll try to as time permits. I can and do (of course) promise to let you know if it is selected, and I’ll send you notice when the review is done and posted.

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